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The tech world is ever-changing and evolving. Our experience in IT started near the end of the era of DOS commands, then the Graphic User Interface (GUI) was created for easier use, and now Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are making breakthroughs every day. The projects we work on, change as the tech world evolves.

Our Services

  • Business analysis, prototyping, and design
  • Software development
    • Web and mobile applications
    • Ecommerce systems
    • API integration
    • Third-party applications customization
  • Web Content Accessibility services
    • Audit, implementation
  • DevOps services
    • Audit, support, security
  • Data visualization (including visualization on geographic maps)

Our Work

In Uvili we work with a range of clients, from large enterprises to small startups, to help achieve various goals, such as launching new products, optimizing existing systems, and scale operations. Clients include Sony, Nexar, MedPro, Fort Wayne Ballet, International Perfume Bottles Association, digital agencies, e-commerce providers, insurance specialists, and non-profit organizations.

Our processes are HIPPA and GDPR compliant for each project that needs that.

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We'd love to hear what you’re working on and how we might be able to help. Send us an email at contact@uvili.com or fill out this handy form.